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The Talk — April 21, 2011

Julie Chen: Welcome back to “The Talk”. Our first guest is best known for her role as Sara Sidle on the hit CBS drama “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. Take a look.

“(clip from CSI)”

Julie: Please welcome Jorja Fox.

Jorja Fox: (walks in, waves to audience) Oh wow! (hugs hosts, sits down on the couch with Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert) I am so honored to be here, thanks for having me…

Julie: Oh, we’re honored to have you.

Jorja: …I really am.

Sara Gilbert: So are you a good tipper?

Jorja: Oh my goodness. You know, I think that we all would like to think that we’re really good tippers (laughs) you know? I did work in the service industry for quite a while in New York, before I was (airquotes) ‘acting full time’, and so yeah, I do try to tip generously, even if the service is horrible. (laughs)

Sara: And get attention for it, like Leah [Remini]?

Jorja: (nods) Yep. (laughs) That’s possible, yeah.

Julie: What’s generously? Because like I’m straight-forward 20% cause it’s a little more than 15 and the math is easy, but I find that-

Jorja: The math is easy. (gestures at Julie)

Julie: -the math is easy.

Jorja: That’s an important-

Julie: -but if I’m with someone who like, I see is looking at, you know, when you’re doing the math, they’re just looking, I ntip up because I want them to think I’m more generous than I am.

Jorja: (laughs) No.

Julie: -I’m like, ‘yeah, throw on another ten bucks’. Isn’t that terrible? So what do you do? Do you do, what, the 20%?

Jorja: Yeah, usually a minimum of 20. Even if it’s a big group, you know, with 18 [percent] included.

Sharon Osbourne: So many of us, especially in the industry that we’re in now, we all started serving.

Jorja: (nods) Mm-hm.

Sharon: I mean, I did. And didn’t do very well at it.

Jorja: Me either. (laughs at herself)

Sharon: But I always feel, I always feel bad because people think it’s just an easy job, and it isn’t. It’s a very difficult job to do it well.

Jorja: Absolutely.

Sharon: It’s tough to be able to serve well.

Jorja: (gestures) And I think in Los Angeles, honestly, sometimes the service isn’t so great, because people really are, their passion is something else.

Sharon: Yeah.

Jorja: And they’re working to be a writer (ticks things off on her fingers), to be an actor,-

Sharon: Yeah.

Jorja: -to be a musician. So often yeah, you’re, you, you don’t necessarily have the best service you’ve ever had in your whole life, but at the same time, I like supporting the arts-

Sharon: Me too.

Jorja: -so I tip. (laughs)

Julie: You, um, so you worked in the service industry, but were you a child actor, because you are such a wonderful actress.

Jorja: (smiles) Oh, that’s so nice of you. Um, thank you.

(audience applause)

Julie: What were you like as a child?

Jorja: Um, the time. I knew I wanted to be an actor when I was five, and I, I grew up in a very very small coastal town in Florida, so, and, and every once in a while I think to myself, ‘well, I’m living my life based (gestures with her hands) on a decision I made when I was five’ which is all so (gestures again) kind of interesting, I mean I-

Sara: Me too.

Jorja: -Yeah, yeah.-

Sara. It’s weird.

Jorja: Like, ‘oh, okay, should I rethink that’ but, you know, ‘cause acting’s not really a grown-up job, I think, I play make-believe for a living, but, it’s so rewarding still, I, I kinda decided y’know as long as this is fun for me, I’m gonna keep doing it. But, I was a chubby kid, um, my mom was a parent of the Depression, and to her, a, a great way to love her kids was to feed her kids, so I ate five times a day. And this was, uh, like late 70’s, early 80’s so I don’t know if you remember, they, there was a really popular t-shirt called ‘Foxy Lady’ that everybody was wearing, you know the one, everybody wore one-

Julie: Kind of.

Jorja: Yeah. And my mom bought one for every day of the week, ‘cause she thought this was amazing, ‘cause my last name was Fox, and I was sent off to school in these ‘Foxy Lady’ t-shirts-

(laughter from audience)

Sara, Julie: Ohhhh…

Jorja: I learned some humility real, really young.

Sara: But then it all turned around, right, because you became a model…

Jorja: Weird.

Sara: Right.

Sharon: No, not with those legs it ain’t, missy. Those…

Jorja: Thank you.

Sara: No, it’s not weird now.

Jorja: I went to… we had built a mall in this small town, probably, you know, a couple of years, you know, I was about 14 when this mall showed up. So I’m about fifteen and a half, and my mother told me I was hanging with the wrong circle of friends, I can’t, I’m not to hang out with them any more, they were older than me, and they had cars, and we would go places that were a little further than my mother wanted me to go. So I arranged to meet these friends at the mall to say goodbye, to have a very dramatic goodbye with them, and I had been crying all morning, and, there was a modeling contest at the mall. It was the last thing that I wanted to do, but of course my friends were very fashion-forward and really cool, they’re like, ‘well let’s, you know, I know we’re saying goodbye to you, but let’s just join the modeling contest’, and oddly, weirdly, strangely, I won. And again, you know, growing up in Florida in a small town, sort of the idea - you, you described this earlier (looking at Sharon) - what was beautiful in Florida was blonde, tanned,-

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Jorja: -you know I was none of those things, I mean, um, obviously I’m very fair-skinned, I’m taller than most of the men even in Los Angeles, forget about the women-

(audience laughs)

Sharon: Most of the men I date, anyway.

Jorja: Some of them, yes. And, yeah, so winning this contest was the, the greatest fluke that ever happened to me, and my face was in the *paper</e,>, and the kids at school were like (covers her mouth briefly) ‘okay, chubby, Foxy Lady girl won the modeling contest?’. Like-

Sharon: Never.

Jorja: Oh yeah.

Julie: We’ll have more with Jorja Fox when we come right back.

[commercial break]

Julie: Oh, we’re on this camera - sorry. Maybe I should do television sometime. Hah hah. Welcome back to “The Talk”, we’re having a conversation with Jorja Fox. Hello, hello, hello.

Jorja: Hello, hello.

Sharon: I wanted to ask you about the work that you do with Bob Barker because you do a lot of work for animal advo-

Jorja: Ahhh.

Sara: Advocacy.

Sharon: Thank you.

Jorja: That’s a tough one, right?

Sharon: I can’t get it, I can never get it out.

Jorja: Um, I had the honor and pleasure of working with Bob this spring-

Sharon: He is amazing.

Jorja: He is. He is a force to be reckoned with. And he funded the transport of 25 lions from Bolivia, ex-circus lions, to a wildlife sanctuary north of Denver, Colorado. This has never been done before, 25 lions have never gotten on a plane and, and been taken somewhere else-

Sharon: Wow.

Jorja: -in connection with an organization called ADI. And basically, Bolivia outlawed their travelling circuses, which is a thing that’s sort of happening all over the world, and they didn’t have the infrastructure afterwards to, to provide sort of decent, compassionate homes for these animals. So the wildlife animal sanctuary in Colorado took all 25 of them, and now they have 80 acres to share-

(audience cheers, applauds)

Sharon: That must give you tremendous satisfaction.

Jorja: You know, on a personal level it really does, and then, you know, it stems, like I’m an environmentalist, I care about the planet, and, and these great land mammals that we have are, are falling off the planet at a very fast, fast pace, and… so for me my commitment is habitat for them, to keep the wild places wild, and the animals that are in captivity that we already have, let’s take good care of them, I think they deserve it. So…

Julie: What I, actually, but what I also hear about you is that you love to play games. (Jorja smiles) So we have a little game for you.

Jorja: Uh-oh.

Julie: You have to get up and switch seats with me.

Jorja: All right.

Julie: Okay.

(they switch seats)

Jorja: Very exciting.

Julie: This is a little game that we call ‘Jorja On My Mind’.

(audience applause)

Julie: (hands Jorja a red headband)

Jorja: Any game that involves a headband, something I’m excited about.

Julie: Put the headband on with the velcro facing out and here’s how it works.

Jorja: (puts on the headband, straightens her hair)

Julie: I have a stack of cards-

Jorja: I do uh, all [Jimmy] Fallon or Bjork style?

Sara: Yeah, yeah.

Jorja: Cool. (makes a funny face)

Sara: Wait, pull the hair down a little…

Jorja: Pull it down a little? (adjusts her hair)

Sara: The hair, there we go.

(Jorja and Sara laugh)

Julie: This stack of cards is a picture of a celebrity. We’re going to give you clues as to who you’re wearing on your forehead, and-

Jorja: Uh-huh.

Julie: -and like you, Jorja Fox, they too have the name of an animal in their name, but it might be the first name. Okay, it doesn’t have to be the last name.

Jorja: Okay.

Julie: But it could be, either-or.

Jorja: Can I get hints from the audience?

Julie: No.

(audience ‘awwws’, Jorja looks around)

Sharon: No.

Julie: No, you only get hints, we’re going to take turns giving you hints,

Jorja: Okay.

Julie: If you don’t want one, you can pass and we’ll go on to the next one.

Jorja: Okay.

Julie: Okay, and if you get five right in 45 seconds, everyone in the audience goes home with a “Talk” t-shirt (holds up the t-shirt).

(audience applause)

Julie: 45 seconds on the clock, please!

Jorja: No pressure there…

Julie: The most famous golfer in the world, cheated on his wife.

Jorja: Tiger Woods.

Julie: Allegedly!

Julie: Go, Sharon.

Sharon: Singer, songwriter, beautiful, blonde…

Jorja: Male, female?

Sharon: Gorgeous blonde lady!

Jorja: Okay.

Sharon: Gorgeous!

Sara: If it makes you happy.

Jorja: Sheryl Crow!

Julie: Sara, go!

Sara: Okay, he’s a singer married to Heidi Klum, it’s on a rose, an animal…

Jorja: Oh, Seal!

Julie: Okay, the most famous Tibetan monk.

Jorja: Dalai Lama.

(audience starts counting down the clock)

Sharon: You’re good at this! She thinks she’s Angelina Jolie.

Sara: Married to Brian Austin Greene.

(clock counts down to zero)

Sara: She once transformed into each other- (buzzer sounds)

Jorja: (makes a face) Augh!

Julie: She has the same last name as you.

Jorja: Megan Fox.

Julie: You know what, everyone goes home with a t-shirt! (Julie and Jorja hug; Jorja bangs into Julie’s chin) Jorja Fox!

Julie: You can see “CSI” every Thursday night at 9 o’clock right here on CBS. We’ll be right back.

(as the camera cuts away, Julie points to her chin)

Jorja: I’m so sorry about that.





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