CBS CSI300 EPK — October 22, 2013

Jorja Fox: I was blown away by it, it was so different and I hadn’t seen anything ever like it. A show about death, on a Friday night? This is going to be canceled in six weeks, no one’s going to watch this! America’s not gonna watch this show! And boy was I … that was extremely wrong about that! [breaks up laughing]

Jorja Fox: It’s a great place to go back to. And also, under the umbrella of justice and truth and really trying to get to the heart of a very sad story is really awesomely compelling, I think, for us to get to tell.

Jorja Fox: Being on a successful show is the cooling thing that could ever happen to a person. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But I think … I show up because I love being with the people that I get to work with every day.




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