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CBS Live Chat — February 20, 2013

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Q - @ThatIsNotAnExit

@CSI_CBS We’ve made a message page to jorja so were wondering if there’s a way she could get the link? It’s #askjorja


[email protected] We’re up and running in a few minutes. Send us your questions #AskJorja xx.

Q - @JulesSweetzer

working on the show for so long, do you feel like you could be a CSI in real life #AskJorja


[email protected] ha ha. No. Lol. I don’t even think I’d make a good criminal. #CSI

Q - @USCMantis323

Is it hard to memorize all of the technical science terms? #AskJorja


[email protected] yes. I start a couple of days ahead of time if I can but I’m also the slowest person on the show. #CSI

Q - @DenialLove

@CSI_CBS what has been the greatest challenge of portraying Sara through the seasons of CSI and her relationship with Grissom? #AskJorja


[email protected] Playing Sara all these years tho has just been an awesome dream. #CSI

[email protected] The hardest part has been missing Grissom these last couple of years. I wish GSR would get 2 see each other often. #CSI


@CSI_CBS Do you miss working with @MargHelgen? #askJorja


[email protected] @MargHelgen I miss MH tons but luckily I see her a lot. We hung out Friday night. She rocks. #CSI

Q - @sallynatally

#AskJorja What makes you and Sara most alike, and most different? Thank you!


[email protected] Most different: she’s way smarter. Most the same: eccentric ocd focus. #CSI

Q - @RosesDamasked

@CSI_CBS #AskJorja First of all, you are amazing, obviously. Second: after 13 years, do you still feel committed to the GSR


[email protected] Thx!! I’ll always be committed to the GSR. #CSI

Q - @ipstenu

Who picks out all the cool necklaces you get to wear on the show? #AskJorja


[email protected] Hey M! Usually the brilliant Eilleen Baker (wardrobe designer) every once in a blue moon, me. #CSI

Q - @ipstenu

@CSI_CBS What’s your favorite beer? #askJorja


[email protected] Stella at the moment but I’m drinking wine right now. (It’s early in LA) #CSI

Q - @bazblackadder

@CSI_CBS Sara is a complex, multi-dimensional character, what what you say is her greatest strength and biggest flaw? #ASKJORJA #CSI


[email protected] Thx! Strength: Independence. Flaw: Independence. #CSI

Q - @luckylauren81

#AskJorja I adore your fashion sense! How would you describe your style? What are some of your favorite brands?


[email protected] Thx. Sara’s style: urban warrior. My style: bohemian confusion. Lol. I love vintage and eco designers. #CSI

Q - @keskt

What are your favorite things to do on your days off? Also just a note I love/appreciate your commitment to animal rights issues! #AskJorja


[email protected] I’m producing a play in NYC right now. . Loving it. Here’s to Pat Derby at PAWS. RIP. #CSI

Q - @S00000PHIE

At least I now can say that I talked to Jorja Fox, not that she talked back but it’s something. #AskJorja


[email protected] Hi Sophie! Tweet tweet. #CSI

Q - @dmpgrl88

I am currently going to school to become a CSI are there actual CSI’s on the set? #AskJorja


[email protected] Yes. Always. Larry Mitchell is one of my heros. Look for him as Officer Mitchell on the show too. #CSI

Q - @lisybabe

@CSI_CBS What’s the scariest thing you’ve been asked to do on the show? I can’t imagine I’d cope too well with the insects. #AskJorja


[email protected] I like bugs. Lying under a car under water and having to swim out is still the scariest but shooting people is no fun either.

Q - @msamyrochelle

@CSI_CBS #AskJorja if you weren’t an actor, what would you be?


[email protected] I’d love to be a marine biologist or a pro surfer. Lol. #CSI

Q - @KaseyOnline

How’s it working with Ted Danson? #AskJorja


[email protected] Awesome! I think he has wings….#CSI

Q - @NohoraGH

@CSI_CBS #Askjorja What do you like most about playing Sara?


[email protected] I get to work with super cool amazing people. Eric, Elisabeth, Ted, Lisa, David, David, Wally, George, Paul, and Jon. I love U!

Q - @CSILab

what is your favorite song right now? #AskJorja


[email protected] Anything by Kings of Convenience right now specially off the verses album #CSI

Q - @cesdra

#AskJorja has there ever been a scene that really emotionally affected you, or was hard to shoot? PS: So glad you’re still on the show!!!!


[email protected] Tune in tonight……hard! #CSI

Q - @TrustingMonster

#AskJorja Favourite animal? Favourite food?


[email protected] Today: frogs. Food: vegan pizza. #CSI

Q - @line_lcosta

How’s it working with Eads ? #AskJorja


[email protected]_lcosta The best! He is my brother. #CSI

Q - @emiline0016

who on set is the funniest? #AskJorja


[email protected] Danson & Eads tie but Lisa Shue and I always end up having laughing fits together. We’ve gotten in trouble for laughing. #CSI

Q - @Zenbridge

Tonight’s episode looks amazing. Was it the hardest episode you’ve ever filmed? #AskJorja

[email protected] Very hard. Ties with Dead Doll. Thanks so much everyone.And thanks for watching tonight. Gotta go shoot now. xxxxx. #CSI




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