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CSI Star Jorja Fox Spills Show Secrets - OMG Insider — February 20, 2013

Thea Andrews: Oh dear! Jorja Fox, who plays Sara Sidle, seems to be in some hot water tonight on CSI

Kevin Fraizer: Jorja, welcome.

Jorja Fox: Hi.

Kevin Fraizer: And your character seems to be in a little bit of trouble. What’s going on?

Jorja Fox: You know, I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s just a little misunderstanding!

Thea Andrews: What’d you get up to?

Jorja Fox: It gets completely blown out of proportion. You know, Sara’s universe kind of implodes tonight. I’m nervous about it. I hope the fans enjoy it. It’s a very scary, dark, terrible wormhole.

Thea Andrews: Kind of on the other side. They’re looking for your DNA.

Jorja Fox: Yeah! It impacted me a lot deeper than I thought it would. I’ve done this for a long time with a lot of guest actors, with lots of different stories, and it was the first time in all- I’m looking at it differently now. If I have to process somebody, or if I’m interrogating someone, it’s a hat that I wore for one night that I can’t ever go back from. I think I have more empathy than I did. Which is kind of — My character’s always had a lot of empathy in the show, and now I feel even more for people.

Thea Andrews: It is incredible when you think about it. That this is the most watched television show in the world.

Kevin Fraizer: In the world.

Thea Andrews: Not in America. In the world. In it’s thirteenth season. You’ve been there since the very beginning. Give us some stats. How many murders have you solved?

Jorja Fox: Personally?

Kevin Fraizer: People have died a lot on your show.

Jorja Fox: That’s an even scarier question. I think one of the — I have no idea how many murders we’ve solved. I think … How many murders haven’t we solved? That one I can probably answer. It’s like six.

Thea Andrews: People are looking for new crazy kinds.

Jorja Fox: Six times we haven’t-

Thea Andrews: Oh that you haven’t gotten the-

Jorja Fox: That we haven’t gotten our person, or that we’ve had a couple serial killers over the years and it’s taken us a while to get. But we’ve been really lucky, we get most of them.

Kevin Fraizer: There’s a bunch of versions of you around the world, by the way. Is is weird watching yourself, in like, Mandarin?

Jorja Fox: It’s amazing. I’ll see it and I’ll like “I’m so smart!”

Thea Andrews: You just get to a hotel, you turn on a TV, and there you are.

Jorja Fox: It’s weird to be fluent in almost every language on earth. Not me, but the version of me. Sara is fluent in pretty much every language on earth. That’s a huge compliment. It’s really cool.

Thea Andrews: You’re also fluent in many genres of this business. Because you’re also producing an off-Broadway play right now. What’s it like to put that hat on?

Jorja Fox: It’s been a huge learning experience. The show is [[Forever Dusty]] and it’s an off-Broadway musical in New York. Obviously musicals are a complete left turn for me, I come from, I like to think, comedy and drama, but more drama. That scene you just played is actually the funniest scene in the whole episode. It’s been fascinating. New York City is my home town, and I’ve always wanted to do a project there. We’re really proud of it. It’s funny and beautiful and deep. It’s about the singer, Dusty Springfield, so if you like her music, it’s all you need, you’re gonna have a great time there.

Kevin Fraizer: Why are people still obsessed with William Petersen, and the fact that there could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been something… what is the fascination-

Jorja Fox: You mean my husband? My television husband? Yeah, cause Sara and Grissom are… Well. He’s been a little disracted lately, and it has been really interesting. I think I’ve done the show three seasons now without him, and never imagined I’d possible-

Kevin Fraizer: That’s the thing. People are still like “Well? Well? What’s going to happen?”

Jorja Fox: All roads lead to Grissom. From the beginning, middle and end of this show, I think that always our protagonist, the person that the audience- We followed through his eyes. And I think it’s a tremendous compliment, and it’s still true today, that we kind of are still following the whole story through his eyes.

Kevin Fraizer: Will he ever come back?

Jorja Fox: I would love to answer that question, but I’m not gonna.

Kevin Fraizer: I like that you know something! I love that! People come here, and they know stuff, and they’re all “Ha ha! Can’t tell you.”

Jorja Fox: Yep, just a little Cheshire Cat. But there will be some Sara and Grissom information in the episode tonight.

Thea Andrews: Oh, I thought “Sara information” —

Kevin Fraizer: William Peterson’s gonna pop on! He’s going to be there!

Thea Andrews: Well thank you. Thirteen seasons, going strong, congratulations.





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