The Talk (23 October 2013)

The Talk (23 October 2013) — October 23, 2013


Sara Gilbert: I have to congratulate you guys on 300 episodes.

[audience cheers]

Jorja Fox: [pointing at Eric] He’s the only man in the pilot. Right here. All 300.

Sara Gilbert: You’ve been there since the first season, but I heard, Jorja, that you didn’t think the show was gonna take off.

Jorja Fox: No, and I can say that we’re [Jorja and Eric] getting old. [laughter] I can’t speak for you guys [Elisabeth and Ted] at all. When I see a grey hair on his [Eric’s] head, I’m done. I’m out. That’s when it’s over. [group laughter] I though, “Okay it’s this show about death. It’s gonna be on a Friday night. Death in the Western Hemisphere culture, not so much.” I thought we were doomed. I thought we were gonna do six shows and we were canceled. I knew I loved it! And I still love it. It’s weird… we’re still here.

Aisha Tyler: That’s awesome.

[audience applause]

[interview with Eric, Elisabeth, and Ted]

Julie Chen: Now Jorja. The show is so serious, and you guys have such a great sense of humor, but it must get dark on the set at times because of the content. What do you do between takes to lighten the mood?

Jorja Fox: Well, as a matter of fact, we have one of the great funny men of all time on the show now: Mr. Ted Danson. [audience laughter and cheers] And he — he does some dancing. He was a competitive dancer, yeah, and many times, when it gets a little intense, you dance.

Ted Danson: You know what it is? My hips are going. I fall. [audience laughter] I sway and fall and it looks like a dance.

Julie Chen: Are you gonna bust a move?

Aisha Tyler: Yeah! We were hoping that —

Julie Chen: Come on, you’ve got to. One or two steps.

[audience cheers this idea on]

Ted Danson: I’ll dance, if Jorja — cause she does these funny things where she takes her clothes off-

[The Talk ladies break into hysterics, Jorja laughs]

Julie Chen: Fair is fair!

Jorja Fox: Not in these heels, they’re not right for a dance.

Ted Danson: No no! I will, but you’ve got to [laughter]

Julie Chen: We want to keep it PG here! Maybe later Ted will bust a move. […]eros as an actor, and from the first day that we worked together, you kind of looked him in the eye and there was- as if we’d know each other ten years. He’s a master at intimacy. It’s not forced, it’s authentic, and it comes from, you know, like ‘actor to actor.’ I’ve said this before, but I swear he’s got wings on. Like under his jacket, there’s wings. He is an amazing guy.

[group ‘awwww’ and applause]

Chen: Now, in addition to your work on CSI, you work on other projects including — there’s one that’s coming out later this year, and you’re really proud of it. It’s called “How I Became An Elephant.” Tell us about that.

Fox: Thank you for asking about that. It’s a documentary, feature documentary, that I produced a couple years ago. It’s really the story of a young girl, from southern California, who travels to Thailand to rescue an elephant. The heart of the story is that no matter how old you are or where you’re from or where your circumstances are, if you have a passion about something, you can make a difference. One person can make a difference. The larger picture, of course, the umbrella is it’s a movie about wildlife habitats and environmentalism and preserving these wild places so that these creatures can continue to have a place to live.


Fox: Thank you.

Chen: Jorja Fox everyone, Jorja Fox. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation airs Wednesday at ten, right here on CBS. We’ll be back.





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