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RedCarpetReport TV — December 05, 2014

Jorja Fox at the 30th Annual IDA Documentary Awards Gala #IDAawards

Quinn Marie: So what brings you out today? You are presenting, correct?

Jorja Fox: I am presenting best episodic series and best limited series, TV awards, which should be kind of fun.

QM: Very cool. And you recently narrated a documentary, correct?

JF: You know, I have actually. Thanks for knowing that! Actually a bit ago I narrated a documentary about Gidget. One of the first female surfers in California. I produced a couple of documentaries and most of those are wildlife based. Lion Ark, Extinction Soup, and How I Became an Elephant.

QM: Awesome. Working in television and documentaries, what is the different process that you go through initially?

JF: Entirely different process. Obviously usually with television you’re dealing with a script- at least in my world! I’m not part of reality television or news television. And so you’ll develop a script for a really long time and then hopefully somebody will be interested in it. And I think with documentaries, at least for me so far, someone has just had an idea and a camera and decided that they had a story that they needed to tell, and almost started the process of telling it without even knowing where it was going to end up, or what the results were going to be. Those are the projects that I’ve been a part of so far. I think there can be pre-production in documentaries. People sit down and they kind of scope it out. But so far ours have just sort of been like run and wing it.

QM: Very cool. Do you plan on doing more in the future?

JF: I hope so, yeah. I’ve been really enjoying it. It’s a fun thing to do.

QM: And then … Robert Redford is being honored tonight. He’s kind of been the founder of Sundance-

JF: Do you see my boots shaking?

QM: Are you a- Obviously you a fan, yes?

JF: Yes. You know, I think everybody has a couple heroes in their lives. For many, many people, Robert Redford is one of those people. He’s absolutely one of mine from the time that I can remember. I am a huge, huge — not only fan of his but he’s been a personal hero for me. So yeah, it’s going to be incredibly exciting to see him. An honor he clearly deserves, and I’m sure it’s going to be fun to see.

QM: That’s so cool. Thank you so much, have fun tonight!

JF: Alright, thank you.




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