SuperPopACCESS — January 26, 2014

INTERVIEW - Eric Szmanda, Jorja Fox on the best part about Grammy weekend at Universal Music Group 2014 Post Grammy Party at The Ace Hotel Theater on 2014-01-26 in Los Angeles, California.


Interviewer: […] this weekend?

Eric Szmanda: Well this was both of our first times going to the ceremony and I think it was one of the best ones that I’ve seen in recent years. One of my favorite artists kind of swept the awards. Daft Punk won album of the year —

Jorja Fox: Again and again!

Eric: — Song of the year —

Jorja: Again and again! It was very exciting.

Eric: It was very cool to see to see them up there.

Interviewer: And then who have you guys actually had a chance to meet that was insane for you?

Jorja: Eric Szmanda. I mean, my life changed forever when I met this man. You mean tonight?

Interviewer: That was very sweet!

Jorja: Well, it’s true! It is true. I think I’m hoping to meet someone, still, tonight.

Eric: We met a lot of nice people that work with CBS.

Interviewer: Well go enjoy yourselves, guys. Thank you.




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