ExtraTV — August 18, 2015

On the Set of ‘€˜CSI’€™! All the Scoop on the Series Finale

*‘Crime Watch Daily’ host Matt Doran was the perfect ‘Extra’ special correspondent to stop by the ‘CSI’ set to get the scoop on the series finale. Watch!

Catch the final episode Sept. 27 at 9 PM on CBS.


Matt Doran: (voice over) Jorja Fox, ready to put her work boots on one last time.

Matt Doran: What can you tell us about what we can expect from the finale?

Jorja Fox: My character, not unlike her, is pretty angry for most of the finale (laughter). Been a series of extreme bombings in the city, and she’s running the case.

Matt Doran: It’s a hard thing to imagine, life after CSI.

Jorja Fox: Mmhmm. And I’m a little longer in the tooth (laughter) than I was when I started.

Matt Doran: I refuse to believe that. Annually you get voted among the world’s sexiest vegetarians.

Jorja Fox: Oh, come on!

Matt Doran: Oh yeah!

Jorja Fox: Thank you.





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