Lylapalooza — September 29, 2015

CSI star Jorja Fox takes time out to chat with Lyla about dogs, insects, and ice cream. Special guest appearance by Belle the puppy.

Lyla: This is Lylapalooza and we have Jorja Fox on our show today. Hello, Jorja, how are you today?

Jorja: I am very good, Lyla, how are you doing?

Lyla: Good. This is my shnuffler. Shnuffle. Do you have anything to say?

“Belle the Puppy:** *silence*

Lyla: Okay! So.

Jorja: Profound.

Lyla: Yes. For our first question. Jorja, what would your favorite color be?

Jorja: I think my favorite color, and it changes a lot but right now it’s blue. Cuz it reminds me of the ocean and sky and the nighttime.

Lyla: Yes. The same with me.

Jorja: Oh really? Profound.

Lyla: I also really like orange right now.

Jorja: Me too! Cuz it’s like the sun.

Lyla: Mmm hmm! And the sand.

Jorja: Yes.

Lyla: For our second question today, with Jorja Fox. Jorja … Hmm. What’s your favorite insect?

Jorja: My favorite insect is dragonflies.

Lyla: I personally like bumblebees.

Jorja: Bumblebees are amazing. And you know what else? Maybe fireflies too.

Lyla: Oh yes! And ladybugs!

Jorja: Ladybugs, of course! It’s hard to- you can’t maybe pick one favorite.

Lyla: This is hard! What is your favorite animal?

Jorja: My favorite animal has to be my dog, Bexar. She’s like a poodle mix. But her full name is Bexar County Rodeo Princess. She’s from Texas.

Lyla: That makes a lot of sense.

Jorja: Thank you.

Lyla: Okay. What is your favorite article of clothing?

Jorja: My favorite article of clothing is sunglasses.

Lyla: I like sweatshirts.

Jorja: Sweatshirts are good.

Lyla: What is your favorite … hmm … way to help animals?

Jorja: My favorite way to help animals is to … not eat them.

Lyla: My favorite way to help animals is … I don’t like to litter. I never litter.

Jorja: You don’t do it?

Lyla: I don’t litter.

Jorja: Me either. No, that’s terrible.

Lyla: So bad for the earth.

Jorja: Bad for the seals and the sea turtles and the dolphins.

Lyla: And everything that can eat stuff off the ground.

Jorja: Yes.

Lyla: And the sea.

Jorja: Like Belle!

Lyla: Like Belle! Like baby. Okay. For our sixth question, what’s your favorite type of music?

Jorja: I love all music. Like every kind, it’s my favorite thing in the whole world. But if I had to pick a favorite style it would probably be … like … Jazz. Maybe?

Lyla: Jorja! What’s your favorite type of ice cream?

Jorja: Well, Lyla. I think my favorite kind of ice cream is called Kind Cream. And it’s the cookies’n’cream flavor. Classic cookies’n’cream. And they used the cookies they get them from Baby Cakes Bakery in New York City. What about you?

Lyla: I like … Hmmm … So my three favorites would probably be- I just have three favorites because I can’t choose.

Jorja: You can’t choose!

Lyla: So I have cotton candy, chocolate, aaaaand … So there’s an ice cream store on Fire Island, it’s called Unfriendly’s Ice Cream, and one of their flavors is called Play-doh. It’s vanilla ice cream dyed yellow, with little bits of cookie chunks in it.

Jorja: Wow!

Lyla: And they’re dyed blue and orange and red to look like play-doh. This is Lylapalooza signing out! Good bye! Goodbye!

Jorja: Bye!




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