The Reluctant Entertainers

The Reluctant Entertainers — March 27, 2017

Ed Asner: Some of us love to entertain

Jorja Fox: But animals don’t get a choice.

Eric Roberts: Can you imagine?

Mindy Sterling: Can you imagine?

Eric Szmanda: Can you imagine?

Moby: Being stuck in a metal box.

Alexandra Paul: Seeing the world through bars.

Tonya Kay: No grass beneath your feet.

James Cromwell: No space to run.

Eric Szmanda: Tied up. Chained.

James Cromwell: Barely able to move.

Eric Roberts: Shouted at.

Jorja Fox: Electric shocked.

Danny Boyle: Kicked.

Alexandra Paul: Punched.

Eric Szmanda: Beaten.

Ed Asner: All for a few minutes of ’entertainment.'

Kim Matula: All for a few minutes of entertainment.

Eric Roberts: A few minutes of entertainment.

Jorja Fox: A few minutes … of entertainment.

Eric Szmanda: A few minutes of entertainment.

Brian Blessed: All for a few minutes of entertainment.

Ed Asner: We know how these magnificent animals should live.

Danny Boyle: And we know that traveling from place to place –

Moby: – week after week –

Jorja Fox: – circuses can never provide –

Alexandra Paul: – they can’t provide –

James Cromwell: – what these animals really need.

Ed Asner: No wonder that over thirty (30) countries –

Tonya Kay: – passed laws to end this misery.

Alexandra Paul: But we let it continue.

Eric Roberts: We can stop circus suffering today.

Jorja Fox: It’s that simple.

James Cromwell: It’s that simple.

Mindy Sterling: It’s that simple.

Ed Asner: It’s that simple.

Diane Warren: It’s that simple.

Moby: It’s that simple.

Tonya Kay: It’s that simple.

Danny Boyle: It’s that simple.

Kim Matula: It’s that simple.

Eric Szmanda: It’s that simple.

Ed Asner: Just leave the entertainment –

James Cromwell: – to those who want to perform.

Tonya Kay: We have a choice.

Ed Asner: We have a choice.

Kim Matula: A choice.

Eric Szmanda: A choice.

Diane Warren: A choice.

Eric Roberts: A choice.

Jorja Fox: We have a choice.




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