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The Daily Buzz — January 26, 2018

John Wildman: You’re listening to the Daily Buzz, my name is John Wildman, and right now we’re gonna be discussing the film Roll With Me, which is a special screening here at Slamdance. And we have with us three guests. We have Lisa Frances, who’s the director of the film. We have Jorja Fox, who is a producer on the film. And we have the subject, Gabriel Cordell, who I’m really thrilled to have here.


JW: Jorja, I want to bring you into this. Because, often times you start off, even when you have a singular subject, like we have in this film, sometimes how you guys find the film will surprise you. And from your perspective, as producer working with Lisa, what were those surprises?

Jorja Fox: Well, just right out of the gate it’s still a surprise, every day, and a happy one at that. I came into the movie quite late. I missed the whole adventure. I was sitting on the set of CSI, it was the series finale, this two hour special we were doing, and Gabriel came on as a guest actor. Did a great job, we had a scene together. And we were just talking, in between setups, and he told me about this journey he’d taken, and I was blown away. He said, “You know, actually we filmed the whole thing, we’re hoping – we’ve got 40 minutes together and we’re hoping to make a whole movie out of it.” I said, “Can I see the footage? I’m really interested.” and “This is amazing what you’ve done.”

The movie’s gone through some evolution. It’s now a 90 minute film. The 40 minutes – in the first two minutes of the movie that was it. I was in, I was so invested and in a trance. And I said “What can I do? How can I help?”

So I got to come in, sort of at the eleventh hour, and help these guys finish the story. They would have figured it out anyway. I’m just glad that I get to be a part of this now. To be here.

JW: Gabriel, we’re usually just hoping to get a bagel from Craft Services.

Gabriel Cordell: I got more than a bagel! I got more than a bagel.





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