PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2021

PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2021 — September 14, 2021


Nischelle Turner: Now Jorja. Jason just kind of brought it up so I’m gonna go there. Because Sara’s’s back and we’re glad – we are very very glad that Sara’s back but the last time we saw her she was sailing off with Grissom. Sailing on off into the sunset. How did she come back? Why did she come back to Vegas?

Jorja Fox: It was it was such an amazing ending – it’s an amazing television ending. To me, TV rarely gets endings at all and it was pretty epic. I wasn’t sure I wanted to come back. I was like, wait a minute they’re going to leave paradise? Why would they do that? But Jason crafted it really beautifully. Sara gets a call from a very dear old friend that’s in trouble and asks her to come help. I think this character will also be a dear friend of the audiences, and that sort of creates the pathway for her to return.

Turner: Is Grissom coming with her?

Fox: Yes.

[laughter from everyone]

Turner: Are they still married?

[laughter from everyone again]

Fox: Shhhh. (Yes.)

Turner: I like! I like that very much!


Turner: Okay to the cast - Jorja, Paula, Mandeep, and Matt - y’all not getting away with without answering this question. I know you have a crazy Vegas story. I know all of you have to. I mean, you haven’t lived if you haven’t had one night in Vegas, so spill it.

Fox: I have … really after 15 years ago in Vegas, I was like well that one or that one or that one or that one… I guess today is I think it was around 2007 or ‘08 or ‘05. Danny was a – you know he had done the pilot? We were in Vegas it was July. We usually would go to Las Vegas right when the season would start. It’s a really really really warm time of the year to go to Vegas and shoot, and we were out in the desert and it was upwards of 115-16 degrees. We were sitting here in the middle of the day and all of a sudden this massive dust storm just blew in. Everybody had to run for cover. They got a lot of people as many people as they could to trailers and trucks. […] We had bandanas on and face gear and people hiding under wheels of cars and shut down for over an hour. And I never had experienced anything like that. Like you couldn’t see two feet in front of you but I was really glad because it was so hot. I was like, at least I could go to my trailer for an hour and hide out from this dust storm.


Turner: I know you guys are great actors but you also have to deal with a lot of really dark wild subject matters. Is there something that you do at the end of the day – Jorja, you’ve been in this you know for for the longest in this franchise is there something that you do? Like a ritual at the end of the day trying to shake that mess off like when it’s a particularly wild day?

Fox: I like to dance it out. I think I’m not alone with some cast – nothing really feels better than that. If it’s not three in the morning, I might call a friend. I love to watch comedies and I love romantic comedies and that definitely can change the gear in my brain.


Turner: Jorja, did you did you step in at any time before and say “Listen there’s gonna be some lingo days there’s gonna be some of those days”? Just give advice to the 34:43 folks that were coming on

Fox: I probably give way too much advice to everyone on a daily basis.

Paula Newsome: No you don’t!

Fox: I put my foot in my mouth all the time but yeah I think um it is one of the biggest challenges of the show – one of the best advantages of the show is that the scenes tend to be sort of short and fast. You might have this insane amount of science dialogue that you’re not sure you’re going to get through, but you only have to do it for half a page which is great. One of the things that’s really helped me is if you have a science scene that’s got a lot of dialogue and a lot of science to look at it sort of like you’re learning a dance number. You’ve learned it a couple hours early and it’s like choreography. You know by the time you get to shooting it kind of you’ve got your steps down a little bit. otherwise it’s like forget it. Don’t – just shoot my face and then shoot my hands don’t put them in the same frame. Because that’s – that could take hours.


Mandeep Dhillon […] I guess when it comes to like characters and stuff from the original, I can only go by our two main – Jorja – Sara Sidle and Gil. I really like Sara Sidle.

Turner: I think she’s really cool! We like her too. Bruckheimer–

Matt Lauria: Can I just interrupt and say, like, how amazing Jorja is too, by the way? As far as the science goes and everything. The first scene I shot was in a store, in a very hot condensed small space. And it was just like science science science and props props props. Jorja was so encouraging and comforting and really set a marvelous tone about how to stick it and land it and be a pro. She did it with such grace and such encouragement and has really you know been there for us.


Turner: Miss Jorja, I have to come to you next. I wanted to save like save you for last because you really are the gold standard on this team and so … You have a favorite episode as well?

Fox: thank you, Nischelle, thank you so much for saying that. First I want to give a shout out to episode six of of this year. Jason, what’s the title of that episode?

Jason Tracey: Fun House.

Turner: Fun House.

Fox: Fun House. Look for it everybody. I think I’m gonna go a little bit obscure and there’s – it’s really an impossible question for me to answer. Every episode, you know, is in my DNA somewhere and I’m grateful for those stories. I love the “Space Oddity” uh which is kind of a Star Trek spoof that we did many years ago. “Girls Gone Wild” and “Girls Gone Wilder” which, later in the season, that had a really good great story for Elizabeth Shue and Liz Harnois myself. And of course Mr. Zuiker, my all-time favorite there it has to be is “Immortality,”" which is the series finale that we did in 2015.

Turner: I wondered if anyone was gonna say that.

Anthony Zuiker: The one that was not mentioned, that is the Jorja Fox gem of all gems. 16 days of rewriting and meticulous storytelling is is her awesome episode called “Butterflied”.

Turner: Is that the one where she’s in the desert?

Zuiker: That’s where she has the doppelgänger look-alike. Awesome. “Butterflied.”





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