Jorja Fox: 'We had fun' working on 'CSI: Vegas'

Jorja Fox: 'We had fun' working on 'CSI: Vegas' — October 05, 2021

Jorja Fox: … We have a really smart audience and they want a smart show. Science has become more precise and there’s even less doubt than there was in 2000. In 2000, we were pretty sure that science could tell us who committed a crime or not. Now we’re even more sure, to the point where I don’t know how anyone gets away with anything at all! And yet, we have a lot of people that believe in science less than ever.

So it’s a really interesting time to do a show about science. I really hope that people will find this science as interesting as I do, and will be really pleasantly reminded of the truth about science.


[The] onscreen relationship between Billy Petersen as Sara and Grissom is definitely the longest relationship of my life. When I called Billy and said “Are you thinking that you might wanna do this?” and he said “I’m thinkin’ about it. Are you?”

Once I knew that he was in, and that Sara and Grissom would get to travel where ever they were going to go together, then I just got super excited about it. This is the first time, really, for any length of time that we’ll get to see Sara and Grissom as a couple, on screen. So much of that stuff happened off screen.

I don’t know, I hope [laughter] We had fun. I hope the audience enjoys that.




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