TEAPSPA Live Broadcast

TEAPSPA Live Broadcast — November 17, 2021


Kim Matula: And now a special message from Jorja Fox. She’s a star of The West Wing, ER, and is known to over 73 million viewers around the world as Sara Sidle on CSI. She’s just finished filming CSI: Vegas and she is an ADI Ambassador who has backed this bill since it’s inception. Jorja Fox.

Jorja Fox: Thanks, Kim. I am so pleased to be a part of this today. You know, some people think that circuses are educational, when in fact all they do is teach people how not to treat animals. They set a terrible example that it’s okay to keep animals in cages and on chains, and deprive them from a natural life of social interaction, of enrichment, of families, of sustainable habitats. All of this, simply, for people’s amusement. Over 40 countries have passed legislation similar to TEAPSPA. It is well overdue for the United States of America to join them. Please support this important bill. These animals deserve our respect, and our compassion.





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