MediaWiki 1.6.10

In addition to the various bug fixes for AJAX, we’ve updated the skin and made it easier for people to talk about a page. How’s that? Why you click ‘Discussion’ on a page and it makes a new forum topic! FYI, we’re not upgrading to 1.9 because that requires PHP 5 and we don’t want …

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You may have noticed that new link up there on the header. We’re ‘partnered’ with the Jorja All Around LiveJournal community. No, there’s no cross-code to make your forum IDs work there and here, but simply put: they asked, and we couldn’t see a reason not to hook up.

IPB 2.2.2

Invision Power Board version 2.2.2 contains a bevy of bug fixes. Read ’em for yourself. Oh and if you haven’t visited for a while, the whole wide world in the forums have changed.

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