Animal Acres

Animal Acres is a farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center located just 45 minutes from Los Angeles. Animal Acres works to promote compassionate living through its farmed animal rescue and refuge efforts, public education and outreach, and advocacy projects to prevent cruelty to farmed animals.

Jorja Fox has attended many events for Animal Acres. She is also a supporter of “ACI: Animal Cruelty Investigations”, a sub-site of Animal Acres.

‘The way animals are treated to produce meat, milk, and eggs needs to be investigated, exposed, and stopped. I’m pleased to be a supporter of ANIMAL CRUELTY INVESTIGATIONS. ACI investigators go to animal ‘crime scenes’ in our nation’s stockyards, factory farms, and slaughterhouses. Documenting what most of us don’t want to see, their undercover video footage and evidence of blatant animal cruelty is helping gain needed humane protection for cows, pigs, and chickens, too.’

Actress & Advocate Jorja Fox


On November 19th, Animal Acres celebrated Thanksgiving in their own way, where guests get to feed a turkey rather than eating one. Special guests included Jorja Fox and Daryl Hannah.


Jorja Fox was the Gala Chairperson of this year’s Animal Acres Gala, which was held to raise money for a farmed animal sanctuary in Los Angeles. August 25th, 2007.


Jorja Fox attended the Country Hoe Down on Saturday, May 3. She was also a recipient of the 2008 Gandhi Award.

We have all heard the expression ‘STAR POWER’, but actress and animal advocate Jorja Fox, has given that phrase new meaning.

As a leading actress on West Win, ER, and most recently, CSI, Jorja Fox used her celebrity status to educate millions of viewers about animal abuse – both by working with producers and writers to air animal issues and video on episodes, and convincing the show to make her character a vegetarian. Her audience is in the millions – and thanks to Jorja – millions of people have been educated about the cruelties of canned hunting, dog fighting, and food animal slaughter.

Jorja was one of Animal Acres first celebrity supporters, lending her voice and participation for our ‘Thankful Turkey Celebration’ in 2005. In addition to addressing the audience about her personal commitment to vegetarianism, Jorja jumped right into farm chores, helping feed the turkeys and giving bottles to rescued piglets. Jorja has always rolled up her sleeves on other ‘farm chore days’ too, and she is always willing to do whatever is needed around the farm, from mucking barns to cleaning pigs’ ears!

Last year, we were honored to have Jorja serve as our 2007 Gala Chair, where she played a vital role is helping us raise over $100,000 for farmed animal rescue and humane enforcement efforts.

It is hard to find the words to thank Jorja for being such a dedicated friend of Animal Acres, so we gave her our highest honor – we named a farmed animal after her! We are also honored to give Jorja this year’s GANDHI AWARD for her outstanding commitment to providing rescue, sanctuary, and hope for farmed animals.


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