Voice For The Animals Foundation

“The Voice For The Animals Foundation” is devoted to creating respect and empathy for animals through education, rescue, legislation and advocacy.


LA City Hall (December 2008)

Jorja spoke at LA City Hall to close the elephant exhibit:

I’m really … I would like to address, specifically, the issue of Billy. The sole surviving elephant at the Los Angeles zoo ’exhibit.’ I believe we have all evolved behind this primitive, misguided and brutally cruel containment of elephants. We have educated ourselves, we know too much. The very best thing that we can do for Billy, who has served his 20 years, and is due for pension and retirement, is release him back into the wild. Because that is not an option, I am humbly pleading today, of all of you, to release him to a sanctuary. We can be the people who have the vision, the wisdom, the compassion, and the generosity of spirit to do this one, simple, right, thing. This holistic thing. The dark and ignorant past is behind us. We cannot change it. But the future is actually in all of our hands. Let us move forward into something sustainable. Let us move forward into something kind. In the words of our own Mayor Villaraigosa, ‘California is the Golden State. Let the sun shine in.’ Thank you very much.

Stand Up For the Animals 2009 (03 March 2009)

Each year a kind group of comedians and volunteers generously come together to benefit Voice For The Animals. The audience enjoys the performances and participates in auctions. Individuals and groups are honored for their contributions to help animals. Jorja Fox was a presenter in 2009, and also served on “Team Billy”


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