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  • Birthplace: Melbourne Beach, Florida
  • Date of Birth: 07/07/1968

The Gist

Sara Sidle on C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation Special Agent Gina Tuscano on The West Wing

Jorja Fox first began as a model. When she was sixteen, she had signed a modeling contract, and had moved to New York. Soon after, she was cast in her first film, The Kill Off.

A few small appearances here and there in films like The Jerky Boys led her to a full time position as Dr. Maggie Doyle, the highly competitive new doctor in the ER, and lesbian foil to Noah Wyle’s John Carter.

With that security under her belt, she has worked on a few films here and there, and is now working double duty, working on both CSI, as Sara Sidle, and The West Wing, who’s smart talking Special Agent Gina Tuscano is no large step from Maggie Doyle.

Other Credits


  • The Hungry Bachelor’s Club: Delmar Youngblood - 1999
  • How to Make the Cruelest Month: Sarah Bryant - 1999
  • Velocity Trap: Pallas - 1997
  • Kill-Off: Myra Pavlov - 1989


  • CSI: Sara Sidle - 2000
  • The West Wing: Special Agent Gina Tuscano - 1999-2000
  • ER: Dr. Maggie Doyle - 1996-1999


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