Tube Tied — April 30, 2001

I know you’re a huge CSI fan.

I love CSI. Jorja Fox rules!

I’m glad to hear that. I enjoy the show, but I think it’s a “good enough” show. Because, to me, it’s finally the cop show that nerds have been waiting for.

I don’t agree with that. I think it’s much more complex than that. I think Billy Petersen’s character is a great character. We’ve never had a character like that before on TV-a guy who is actually really a teacher, and is withdrawn in a way most guys on these shows aren’t. I think Jorja Fox’s character is just fascinating. I think she’s the most fascinating person on TV. That’s absolutely my favorite show right now. I was actually quite happy to sacrifice Will & Grace because I think Will & Grace is another show that took a dive this year.





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