News Articles (2022)

10 news articles from 2022.

January 25ET onlineJorja Fox Exits 'CSI: Vegas' Ahead of Season 2
January 25TV InsiderJorja Fox Not Returning to ‘CSI: Vegas’: ‘So Goes Grissom… So Goes Sara’
January 25TVLineJorja Fox Won't Return for CSI: Vegas Season 2, Explains: 'I Just Can't Split Sara and Grissom Up Again'
January 25VarietyJorja Fox Exits ‘CSI: Vegas’ Ahead of Season 2
January 26SK PopWhat is Jorja Fox's net worth? Fortune explored as actress quits CSI: Vegas
March 27TVLineThe Most Shocking Cast Exits Announced (So Far) This Year
May 09ScreenrantSara Sidle's Actress Perfectly Explained Why CSI Fans Dislike Her So Much
August 08LooperCSI Fans Noticed A Major Change In Sara's Character In CSI: Vegas
September 24TVLineHere's How CSI: Vegas Will Write Out Sara and Gil in Season 2
September 27TV FanaticCSI: Vegas Reveals What Happened to Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom




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