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TV Q&A: 'C.S.I.''s Jorja Fox — August 01, 2001

Actress Jorja Fox has been everywhere on the tube-from a three-season stint on ER to a guest role on The West Wing-but she’s found a home on CBS’ critically acclaimed series C.S.I., playing forensics expert Sara Sidle.
Fox, 33, spoke with Hollywood.com over the phone from her L.A. home to discuss her role on C.S.I., the upcoming Emmys ceremony, the success of ER and the joys of nudity.

Jorja, you’re a busy girl these days. Thanks for taking some time off from that grueling damn schedule of yours to talk with us.

Fox: Hey, I love these phone interviews. They’re so much more stream-of-consciousness, ya know?

And more laid back.

Fox: Oh yeah. I could be half naked right now.

Yeah, me too. Well, that aside, tell me how early production’s going on the show.

Fox: Great! I’m really excited. It’s good to be back.

Does the show seem to be going in any different directions this season?

Fox: They’ve only shown me one script, so I’m not sure yet. But the first episode is great. There’s a big plot twist in there.

Last season, your character, Sara, played a fairly supporting role on the show. Is she going to break out a bit more this season as a major player?

Fox: [Sighs] I don’t even know. I hope so. But everything’s a secret right now, so….

Well, one main character, Marg [Helgenberger], certainly received some recognition this year, snagging an Emmy nomination for best lead actress. What do you think of her chances?

Fox: Oh, we’re all pretty giddy, that’s for sure. She deserves it. The show got three nominations, I believe. I think one was a tech nomination.

Regardless of whether or not you guys win, it’s still a damn good reason to get dressed up and schmooze.

Fox: Yeah, and it’s good that Marg got the nomination because she’s definitely the best dresser of anyone on the show. Me-I’m more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl, ya know? Both me and George] [Eads, who plays Nick Stokes on the show] are like that. Man, we tie for last place in the best-dressed department.

One show you used to work on, ER, got a handful of nominations as well. Do you think the show is better or worse since you left in ‘99?

Fox: I disagree with people who put down the show today. I mean, it’s the number-one show on TV, ya know? It has been for years. That’s such a challenge to stay on top, and they’ve done it every time. It’s still a great show.

Ever miss it?

Fox: Sometimes. But on C.S.I., the atmosphere’s not so different, ya know what I mean? The sets still have that metallic look. The labs and everything.

Very true. It’s not such a departure after all. And C.S.I.‘s amassing quite a fan base, I hear.

Fox: Oh, god yes. These fans are amazing. The show’s really developed a following with students-you know, forensic students. They’ve really latched on.

**I guess most people still recognize you for ER, but you recently made an appearance in one of the year’s best films, Memento. Any further big-screen plans? **

Fox: That was fun, definitely. I love movies. There may be a project coming up with Josh Leonard-you know, the guy from The Blair Witch Project? A short film. But right now it’s C.S.I. all the way.




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