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Celebrity Questionnaire — August 01, 2001

“Note: Jorja Fox’s answers were hand written, and spelling errors were not corrected.”

With a name like Georgia Fox…er…Jorja Fox, have you ever visted Altanta. If so, what did you like most about our city?

I have family in Atlanta and I’ve been there many times. I have fantasies of living there, having a big old covered porch, and a little theater. I love the Reverand, Doctor King museum!

What do you think of Southern men?

I adore Southern men, simply adore ….. As long as they’re very liberal.

You’ve starred in ER, West Wing, and currently CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, what is your secret for landing gigs in such incredible series?

I really wish I had one. I do know if I feel nervous about a professional oppertunity it’s usually a good thing and I should explore it. I was obviously a little nervous about all three shows.

Which show have you enjoyed starring in most?

It would have to be CSI. It’s a fundemental leap into the “great unknown.” And that’s created an amazing, strange, wild, 150 member family.

Is CSI ever based on real occurrences? Real Crimes?

Sometimes. We try very hard to tell those stories with integrity.

Which actors/actresses have you enjoyed working with most?

it would be easier to try and hone in on who I’ve not enjoyed working with. I’ve been very lucky. I have a cerebrial crush on William Peterson. And certainly Martin Sheen and Allison Janey, are personal heros.

What would be your ultimate role?

I really just love getting to tell stories. I’d love to do a period peice, I’d love to play a revoluntionary, I’d love to explore mental illness.

Please tell our JEZEBEL readers about Honeypot Productions and some of its upcoming projects.

Honeypot is a zaney theater compant I’m in. We do stuff we’ve always just wanted to do, and things people might not pay us to do - theater under the stars, musicals, we did a dance piece - So far all our projects have been internally written. We have a new musical in the works.

What do you enjoy doing on your “off” days?

Right now I’m trying to surf - and learn how to play the drums. I have a car in L.A. (which I never had in New York) and I like to drive around - the west is big and new to me.

This would not be a JEZEBEL interview without referencing fashion. Describe your current style? Favorite designer?

Urban decay - I’ve always been underdressed - I try and I try - but I’m intrinsicly messy. I love Richard Tyler and Earl Jones.

Which is your favorite section of JEZEBEL Magazine?

I love to imagine what my nephews might be up to, so I love your hot shots section.




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