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The Success of CSI is No Mystery — January 19, 2001


Jorja Fox, who plays gung-ho investigator Sara Sidel, said writers are thinking about doing more to develop the characters, but she suspects that will happen slowly, over “a long haul.” In the meantime, “I love being mysterious,” she said.

The approach makes for some wonderful scenes. At the end of “If These Walls Could Talk,” Grissom is leaving the office after finishing the long, gruesome case. On the way out, he grabs an apple from the break room and notices a half-finished crossword puzzle on the table. He stops for a moment, fills in a clue, then heads toward the door. Suddenly, he stops, sits down at the table and digs into the puzzle. The moment tells us more about Grissom’s obsessive nature than eight pages of dialogue.





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