Whaleness Begins Here — March 23, 2001

Attendees at the premiere party for MEMENTO, the tale of murder, mayhem and a man with memory loss, might have thought they’d fallen into a swell, well-stocked celebrity fishbowl at LAS PALMAS. There were the stars of the film, GUY PEARCE, JOE PANTOLIANO and JORJA FOX, getting down to the wee hours with actors BARBARA HERSHEY, Oscar nominee MARCIA GAY HARDEN, SELMA BLAIR, JENNIFER BLANC, AMANDA DETMER, ELISA DONOVAN, THOMAS JANE (who, before the film, was spotted daringly chowing down on a plate of nachos topped with a nuclear-looking gooey cheese product), D.J. QUALLS and JAMIE KENNEDY. And there was the back-bar tank of jellyfish that resembled a bowl of floating whale sperm, as well as the ocean of free-flowing vodka and wine. The hosts — LUIS BARAJAS’s Flaunt magazine, Skyy vodka and Lucky Strike cigs — worked the promo angle, loading down guests with fistfuls of swag including disposable cameras, magazines and smokes. The only thing missing was bags for all those gifts.




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