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Jorja Fox likes to Rock and Roll — February 13, 2001

JORJA FOX, C.S.I.’s high-tech, no-nonsense investigator, Sara Sidel, once sand and played drums and guitar as a member of Honey Pot — an all girl band lead by lesbian singer Heather Grody.

Jorja also protrayed gay internist Dr. Maggie Doyle on ER, and a gay woman on the famous ‘coming out’ episode of Ellen.

But the unattached actress played it straight when she stared as Secret Service agent Gina Toscano on The West Wing — and almost became an accident victim.

“I came close to losing my leg,” says Fox, who was lensing in Arllington, VA, when a two-ton limousine ran over her leg.

“We were waiting for the director to yell cut and all of a sudden I felt something heavy on my leg. I felt like a walking miracle because I didn’t break anything,”




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