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Q&A with CSI's Jorja Fox — February 02, 2001

Jorja Fox probably prefers not to describe her talents as “acting chops.” The dedicated vegetarian told The Sun’s Claire Bickley she even finds playing one of CSI’s forensic investigators a little too realistic.

THE SUN: Does the show’s grisly subject matter ever make you sick?

FOX: I think I’ve toughened up. My skin is a little bit tougher than when I started. That was my only concern when I started the show. Was I going to be able to stomach this?

THE SUN: What have you had to stomach?

FOX: All I’ll say is there were probably 1,000 bugs involved very intimately with a stuntwoman. It completely caught me off guard. My stomach turned upside down when I saw her. I thought, ‘Oh yeah, I work on CSI.'

THE SUN: Was squeamishness also an issue in your previous role as Dr. Maggie Doyle on ER?

FOX: At one point there was a scene on ER where I was supposed to be practising suturing. A lot of doctors will use pigskin and pigs’ feet because pigskin is very close to human skin. Neil Baer, who is a producer on the show, made it an eggplant for me. So that was very nice of him.

THE SUN: Did ER make you a vegetarian?

FOX: No. In fact, when I told Neil I was a vegetarian, he made my character a vegetarian.




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