The Meaning of 'Memento' — March 24, 2001

Jorja Fox has appeared in a number of prominent television shows, including E.R., C.S.I. and West Wing. In Memento, she shows up as the victimized wife of Leonard Shelby - only seen in flashback sequences. For her, the experience of filming the film was almost like a dream because she only had to be on-set for a few days. “I filmed, I think, three days out of 29. So I had a very short, easy time,” she said.

At the premiere’s after-party, she told Zap2it that she was thoroughly impressed by what she had seen. It had been the first time she had seen the film all the way through. While some audience members may have left confused, though, Fox had the benefit of knowing how the story ended before ever sitting down. “I thought it was great,” she said. “I want to see it again already - knowing the ending is very helpful for seeing it from the beginning.”

Getting cast for the part, Fox knew very little about the story when she accepted the role. Of course she had read the script, but there were many nuances that she wasn’t quite clear about. She ended up seeking out some help to understand what was going on. “I really did read the script several times,” she said. “And I cornered Guy (Pearce), because he’s in every scene, so I’m like ‘You must know what’s going on. Come on, help me out.’ And then I cornered Chris (the director) about it, but he’s extremely ambiguous - which he seems committed to, which is very cool. And tonight I feel like at least I think I understand the stuff. I’m not sure if I got it right, but I left there with an understanding of what I thought was happening.

“I realized very quickly that I had lucked out in a huge way that I was getting to do something really cool,” she said. “You always hope that you get to do something interesting or different or smart - makes a statement. You always hope for that kind of stuff.”




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