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CSI's Invasion of the Little People — October 17, 2002

Not since ‘The Wizard of Oz’ have so many little people gathered together for a production, but this week’s “CSI” earns that distinction when the team investigates the death of one of the members attending the International Organization of Little People’s convention in Las Vegas.

“There are two storylines,” JORJA FOX tells ET about tonight’s “A Little Murder” episode of “CSI.” “One of the them is very touching and affects Catherine Willows (MARG HELGENBERGER) and Warrick Brown (GARY DOURDAN). Our storyline is going to deal with a murder in the little people community.”

“It’s very cool,” GEORGE EADS (Nick) adds, “because ‘Under the Rainbow’ is the last time I saw a group of little people together on film.”

When Lawrence Ames (MICHAEL GILDEN) is found hanging on the stage where the convention will take place, Grissom (WILLIAM PETERSEN), Sara (Fox) and Nick (Eads) are called to the scene. At first it appears to be a suicide, but Grissom disputes that, and the team sets to work to track down the killer.

“We’ve done a couple of shows in the past that have dealt with situations that hadn’t gotten much television coverage,” Petersen explains. “We always find it interesting to get into a milieu that is unfamiliar to regular network viewers. The value of television is to take you places you don’t normally get to be. These little people conventions are not something where ‘average’ people go.”

Meanwhile, Catherine is attacked by an unknown assailant at a crime scene where she is collecting evidence.

For a sneak peek at the “A Little Murder” episode of “CSI,” watch tonight’s ET. Then tune in to CBS at 9 p.m. and catch the action!




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