Extra TV

Review — September 07, 2002

Those crafty crime scene investigators of “CSI” are back on the case for another season of murder and mayhem, shifting into high gear for the third season of CBS? runaway hit. And only “Extra” was on location in Las Vegas with the ratings grabbing gumshoes as they shot an upcoming episode with a crime ripped from the headlines.

Star William Petersen and his team of criminalists are called in to investigate a young movie star accused of murder. And much like the infamous O.J. trial, co-star Gary Dourdan says for the first time viewers will see the “CSI” cast take the stand in court. Gary says, “It’s going to go into more of what C.S.I.’s really have to deal with in regards to court stuff and how they have to prove their evidence.”

But the new season isn’t the only thing on the cast’s mind these days. With six Emmy nominations, including one for best drama series, they’re already making plans for Emmy night. Well, co-star Jorja Fox says that win or lose, the real party will be after the September 22nd ceremony. She says, “The cast has a reputation for partying a little bit after events that we get together at. We’re very bad.”

But you can bet these party people know how to hide the evidence.




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