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Scene + Heard — April 01, 2002

She said … Jorja Fox

33-year-old co-star of CBS’s CSI.

I am (in five words) … “Present, light, compulsive, idealistic and revolutionary.

nickname: “Foxy. When I was young, I was very chubby and had buckteeth. I could fit a quarter between my two front teeth. Stull, my mom went out and got Foxy Girl T-shirts for me to wear every day of the week. I was not foxy at all.”

I fear that … “We are coldly and calculatingly killing the environment.”

I should stop … “Throwing parties by myself. I’ve thrown parties without a couple of friends, and, like, three people show up. It’s an utter Charlie Brown disaster.”

nobody knows that … “When I was around 7, I used to play cards with an uncle who was blind, and I’d cheat.”

I love … “My house [in L.A.]. I lived in studio apartments with four people in N.Y.C. My house isn’t a mansion, but it has a lot of space to think abotu taking care of.”

on a desert island I’d want … “1) My pets — a dog and two cats, 2) an Astroburger, and 3) a nice collection of music.”

I’d do a nude scene for … “World peace. Or if I were facing some serious jail time. But I’m also a sucker for a good bottle of wine and candlelight.”




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