How I Work Out — September 01, 2002

Love Match

One advantage of tennis: it’s an amazing exercise. Just ask actress Jorja Fox.

When Jorja Fox isn’t busy playing a forensic scientist on the CBS Drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, she’s sleuthing out new ways to stay fit. Her latest fitness foray: adding tennis to her repertoire, which already includes running, boogie boarding and hiking. Fox hadn’t played since her teens, so she started by having a coaching session with Sue Whiteside, tennis director at Rancho Valencia in Rancho Santa Fe, California. She recieved not only a skills brushup but also a terrific workout. “I don’t tone my arms as consistently as I do my legs,” Fox says, so Whiteside suggested practicing serves to build up arm strength and add curves “And don’t shy away from overheads!” Whiteside says- nailing them strengthens shoulders. To up the cardio factor, get to the ball on one bounce. “If you work hard, you can burn 500 calories in an hour,” says Whiteside. Fox has fallen in love with tennis: “My producers might kill me, but maybe I’ll start whacking balls against the side of the soundstage during downtime.”




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