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Jorja Fox — January 01, 2002

If you’ve already seen an episode of CSI, perhaps someone pointed out the face of Jorja Fox. Remember in 1996 when Maggie Doyle made her debut in Cook County in ER. It is with this role that she allured the public by accuratly protraying an intern who, after a fashion, tried to make her place among the doctors and befriended Carter (Noah Wyle), before acknowledging her homosexuality. In real life, Jorja is truly passionate, her talents touching everything she does : playing the guitar, singing, writing plays and working with a group with which she co-founded (Honey Pot Productions).

The least one can say, is that work does not frighten her. She once more showed that lack of fear, this last season, when she debuted on CSI: she was part of the Secret Service, charged to protect the daughter of President Bartlet on The West Wing. Jorja is a big name actress because she rose briskly from small to large productions, where she takes part in a considerable number of independent productions on the large screen. Because her career requires a great deal of investment of her self, she turns to the ocean as a resource. She is connected to the water, because it reminds her of her childhood: she grew up in Melbourne Beach, a small island in Florida.




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