TV Gal

TV Gal Dishes Up the Globes — January 21, 2002

Okay people, clearly I’m going to have to fly to LA and apply for a job at the E! channel.

I know that standing on the red carpet and recognizing all the stars can’t be as easy as it looks. But last night the people behind-the-scenes were saying incorrect things into Joan’s ear. That Andie MacDowell was on “CSI” (confusing her with Jorja Fox perhaps?) That Christine Lahti was on “The West Wing.”

Sure, only Joan was to blame when she asked Julianna Margulies about starring in “E.T.” That’s my point — Joan says enough wrong things on her own. She needs the people behind-the-scenes to be working with her, not against her. It was like they were sabotaging her. Don’t worry Joan, I’m coming to save you.





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