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TV Chat: Who would you boot off TV? — November 30, 2007


FD: What a lame way to get Sara off the show. No way would she have done that if she was a real person.

Stan Givens: I loved the Sara Sidle on CSI; I’d get rid of Eckley.


bklyntransplant: Jonathan, Too bad there’s no one cute and perky on CSI — You’d remember her name!

Ellen: Funny, I’m from Brooklyn, too, and I was about to say the same thing.

Jonathan: Oh, you mean Sara Sidle, played by Jorja Fox? Now she’s *not there* and I’m pissed!

Ellen: Was Sara ever perky? She always seemed depressed to me.


Dan S.: JORJA FOX was the main reason I watched CSI! Can’t stand Marg Hellenberger; she should have been the one to go.

Jonathan: Marg is fine, but I loved Jorja too. I’m having a hard time typing through my tears now she’s gone.

Ellen: In fairness, I think Jorja went on her own, didn’t she? Marg didn’t volunteer.





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