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Interview: Tom Mularz — November 12, 2012


CSI Files: Who of the original team is most affected by this episode?

Mularz: I"d say Nick and Sara. Nick and Sara, I feel like, take it the hardest. Brass has a really nice moment where he talks about how he actually hasn"t been to the cemetery since Warrick"s funeral, but he has his own ways of remembering him. Brass likes to think about how much energy Warrick had. He says a little piece about Fight Nights, those are the nights that he thinks of Warrick. He has a feeling that there"s no way he would be missing all of that electric energy on the Strip. So they each have their own ways of remembering him, but I think Nick and Sara are the two who the weight is most apparent on their shoulders as they"re dealing with this case.

CSI Files: I was watching the pilot the other day for what seems like the 700th time. From the onset, Brass and Warrick had a very tumultuous relationship.

Mularz: Brass and Warrick had an adversarial relationship at the start, and so did Sara and Warrick at the very start. Sara kind of blames Warrick"s gambling for Holly Gribbs" incident, and she is skeptical of him until a little ways into that season when there"s a misunderstanding about whether Warrick was leaving on duty again to go gamble, and it turns out he was actually going to pick up money to help out this boy he was helping support, so they grew much closer. At the start of the show, both of those relationships, Brass and Warrick and Sara and Warrick, were pretty rocky.





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