CSI Files (17 October 2012)

Interview: Joe Pokaski — October 17, 2012


“‘CSI Files:”’ Sara ["‘Jorja Fox"’] brings up her relationship with Grissom ["‘William Petersen"’] this week. What"s the status with those two? Is he living in Vegas or is he still abroad?

“‘Pokaski:”’ He"s still abroad. This year, without giving too much away, we"re going to start dealing with the fact that long-distance relationships are hard. I don"t know if you"ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, but my wife and I were apart for a while and there"s a lot of message leaving. So it starts with Sara leaving a message and kind of beginning in the sense that long-distance relationships have challenges.

“‘CSI Files:”’ Since it"s hard to know what Billy"s involvement will be, is it easier having Grissom off and about than having the character in Vegas, or is it simply a story and creative decision?

“‘Pokaski:”’ I can"t speak for everyone else, but I prefer having him abroad because it allows you to focus 100% on Sara and Jorja Fox who is another actress I"m just enamored with. It makes it easier to just look at her and not have to make up those weird stories like, ‘Oh you just missed him!’ or ‘We had breakfast today.’ It"s an easier thing for me to hang on to as a writer.





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