CSI Files

Interview: Don McGill — July 18, 2012


“‘CSI Files:”’ There"s also an unwavering amount of requests from the fans for an appearance by “‘William Petersen”’. An attempt was made last season but some personal matters conflicted with filming, and now he has a potential new series on pay-cable. Has progress been made to lure him back for an episode or two?

“‘McGill:”’ The door is always open. As you"ve pointed out, we talked to Billy in the past about storylines that would bring Grissom back to CSI. We"re glad that Billy"s coming back to TV in his new show Hurt People, but we"d love to have him come back to CSI, too. There is always an opening because of the Sara/Grissom relationship and that"s a relationship that we do want to continue exploring further this season.

“‘CSI Files:”’ Might this be the season viewers finally meet Sara"s mother?

“‘McGill:”’ We"ve talked about it and yes, it would be a great idea. We just want to have the right story to introduce Sara"s mom. We have a list of actresses and we"re really excited when we look at some of the names of who we would like to approach for the role.





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