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Interview: Elisabeth Shue — March 26, 2012


CSI Files: George Eads spoke with me about how he"d like to see a bit of a relationship between Nick and Finn.

Shue: Nice, I like that! That would be fun; I think that would be great. They probably don"t like the characters on CSI to get too intimate… I don"t know why, but I don"t think they"ve ever–except for Jorja [Fox, Sara Sidle] and Billy Petersen"s [Gil Grissom] character. Have there been any other characters?

CSI Files: Catherine had a few, but they never quite worked out.

Shue: But never with a regular on the show. See, that"s the thing. I think they shy away from that, but George and I have been talking about how there"s gotta be something; we"re the only two single people left basically and we"re about the same age. [Laughs.] We also both share sports. We"ve established Finn as somebody who really loves sports, and it was really great to see George in his baseball outfit; he"s obviously such a jock at heart. Out of everybody on the CSI team, he looks like he could actually play ball. [Laughs.]

CSI Files: What"s it like working with George? Have you been able to hang out with the cast after work?

Shue: We"re hoping to get dinner together soon because we did not get that chance. The second I joined the show, the entire cast was just working. Everyone is working so hard and everybody is working at different times; George is working, I"m not working. We do not get to hang out on set as much as you would think, but we definitely want to get a cast dinner together. I love working with George and Jorja. Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming; they"re all just classy people. Everyone on that cast is smart and they all care about their work. Committed. Grateful. All just very good people.





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