CSI Files

Interview: Christopher Barbour — September 26, 2012


CSI Files: It brought back memories from Season Four, when Sara started popping cough drops to mask her issues with alcohol and ultimately facing a DUI. If anyone is going to stop [Nick] from loosing focus, it"s her; and she did. Will they talk about this issue in subsequent episodes?

Barbour: Yes. There was purpose to the fact that they"re in different places in their lives and yet it was very poignant for Sara and Nick to get into it. She does want to help him–there"s the emotional push-back of him quitting at the worst possible time; there"s never a good time to do these things, there"s always emotions so it"s messy. They can help each other, but like Nick said he"s not in a position to be lectured to, but that isn"t what she was trying to do. There was a little bit of miscommunication and they will try to help each other out. Sara has gained perspective so she understands where Nick is coming from and Nick is not at a point where he can easily hear that at this moment, at least in the premiere.

CSI Files: Moving forward in the season, how will the dynamic of Nick, Sara and Greg shift? Is this a season of conflict for the three of them?

Barbour: I think it"s probably more a season of maturity for Greg. An episode coming up will focus in on him and his further maturing at CSI and his personal life. I don"t think there"ll be conflict with them, but certainly things are changing in their lives. Things can never stay the same; you get comfortable with a certain situation, and you expect certain things and sometimes things change for good and sometimes they change for bad. I don"t know that they"re going to fight more, but certainly they are going to have to readjust their own expectations of what the job presents to them and how they can help each other.





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