WATCH: CSI's Jorja Fox in PSA Against Circus Elephant Abuse — April 20, 2012

CSI"s “‘Jorja Fox”’ is taking on circus animal abusers in a new PSA for Animal Defenders International (ADI). The PSA is only 90 seconds long but the impact of the video is strong. The scenes flip from free roaming wild elephants in Africa to a traveling circus elephant named Krissy that is chained, beaten, and broken for the entertainment of humans.

Fox appears in the PSA holding a bullhook with a very solemn expression on her face. She says, ‘This is a bullhook. It"s sharp, it"s heavy, and it hurts. This is the weapon of choice for elephant circus performers. It is used to get elephants to perform tricks to amuse people.’

Krissy was captured at the age of two and ended up in America working in traveling circuses and fairs. ADI discovered Krissy and another elephant being beaten with bullhooks, golf clubs and electric shock waves while undercover for an investigation into circuses in the U.S. and abroad.

Fox has been fighting for the rights of elephants in entertainment for quite some time. She produced a film that explores the treatment of elephants that will be screened this weekend in Florida and Hollywood. The film is called ‘How I became an Elephant’ and follows a 14-year-old girl"s life-altering journey to South East Asia which led to a rescue plan to save a species.

The CSI star joined Bob Barker last November to the launch of the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (H.R. 3359). According to Chron, ‘The Act would outlaw the use of animals like elephants in traveling shows and fairs where they are forced to live in traveling accommodations.’

Fox ends the PSA by saying, ‘These mighty, magical creatures exemplify all that is wrong with traveling circus: The confinement; the deprivation; the social isolation; please support the work of ADI and stop circus suffering. Please help end the abuse of elephants like Krissy.’





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