‘CSI' spoilers: Sara has sparks with someone from her past — October 20, 2012

“CSI,” which airs on CBS 2 in Queens, may be dealing with a possible act of terrorism in an upcoming episode. What happened? On Saturday, SpoilerTV shared the following synopsis for episode 10, “Risky Business Class.”

“When a small executive jet crash lands a mile off the Strip, the CSIs wonder if it was intended as an act of terror, and to solve the case, Sara teams up with a former colleague from San Francisco with whom she still has sparks.”

“Wild Flowers” did show Sara leaving Gil Grissom a voicemail, but it’s hard maintaining a long distance relationship, a fact she and D.B. discussed. Was that planting the seeds for some trouble in Sara and Gil’s relationship or at least the hint of trouble? Could this former colleague try to make a move since there’s still chemistry there and Sara has to point out that she still has Gil, even if they’re not living together at the moment?

Meanwhile, is this “CSI” case an act of terrorism or is it specific to who was on the jet? With it being an executive jet, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter-and perhaps caused by someone who has a history with whoever was on board. Will the CSIs come across something that points in the direction of terrorism until perhaps the end of the episode? With even the possibility of this being an act of terror, they have to tread very carefully; if it was, there could be another attempted attack coming.





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