Jorja Fox: 'Grissom's return to ‘CSI: Las Vegas' was very exciting' — September 13, 2012

Translated from Spanish.

CSI: Las Vegas returns to Telecinco and does so with what is already its eleventh season.

Chain broadcast every Thursday from 22:00 two new episodes of the long-running fiction starring Marg Helgenberger, Laurence Fishburne, George Eads, Eric Szmanda and Robert David Hall, Jorja Fox. Recently, Jorja spoke about the premiere of new episodes and one of the major complaints: the lack of Gil Grissom. William Petersen will briefly return to the show via Skype and talk to his wife and mother.

In the episode “The Two Mrs. Grissom” Sara Sidle uses sign language. Was it challenging for you?

At first, I panicked. I thought I would have to learn sign language for a scene and suddenly became half of the episode. The writers of ‘CSI’ give the best of themselves and go for broke.

Did you enjoy learning sign language?

It was fun and ended up buying several videos of sign language. I have not yet had time to get to them, but I want to do in the offseason. It is a language that makes sense to me.

How has having William Petersen back in the series?

It was incredibly exciting and we did what we could to keep everything with the utmost secrecy. William decided he wanted to surprise the audience. If by chance you were watching the show, saw it, otherwise they would have to find him. It was an impossible task for us.

Why did Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom used Skype to communicate?

There was an episode where Grissom Sara sent a video message by email, essentially to break with him from Shepard sea, off the coast of Galapagos Islands. We believed that this was the appropriate way Grissom and Sara had to report regularly. After that, he was in a jungle in Costa Rica, which is great.

Was it fun doing the episode “House of Hoarders”?

George Eads had been talking about the idea of hoarders for two years, so it was very exciting to see the script when it came to light. The writers ran with it and became something bigger than George had imagined. I was very happy to oblige.

What effect did the episode “House of Hoarders” in the cast?

I think George went home and ran saying it was a whole ciberacaparador. In my house, I’m very minimalist, but when I looked at my computer, my mails and texts that I save, I thought “I’m hogging, only instead of at home on my computer”. If I could download everything I have on the computer, it may fill six houses.

Why is the episode “Fracked” so important for everyone?

Humans are sharing increasingly smaller amounts of space and we have to invade areas who had been in the wild.’re being forced to pull resources from places that should have remained untouched forever. There is a long list of issues that are reaching critical mass. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it because I think all , almost anywhere, can take it to a personal level.

How has the character of Lady Heather developed in the eleventh season?

Her character has had the opportunity to be involved in many mysteries. offers a different side of herself in this episode that fans have not seen before and they will decide whether the new Lady Heather is authentic or not. has been very chameleon. has been able to do different things to different people.

Do you have a favorite episode of season 11?

One of them is undoubtedly “House of Hoarders”. It was very deep, felt like I was going through a maze and suddenly I found myself in the middle and have to work to find the way back home. “The Two Mrs. Grissom” was great too, was something that normally is not usually done.

What you have told the followers of the series on the eleventh season?

Everything I’ve heard about Grissom’s return. It was incredible to see him again this season. The fans thanked him again and I hope this little glimpse have thought about how wonderful his life outside of Las Vegas.

Would you still like to play Sara Sidle?

I still have not spent a single minute playing Sara boring. Your life is fascinating and interesting. Changes and dangerous, but somehow always has a way out of the difficulties. If you keep calling me to play Sara, I will come.




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