Sara, the mother hen in CSI - Background — December 04, 2012

[Translated from Dutch by Google & Corrected by Volunteers.]
“‘In the new season of CSI, Russel has to save his granddaughter. Sara finds an important lead. If he hadn"t had her…”’

A corrupt officer of the LAPD appears to be working closely with the kidnappers. He leads CSI-investigator Finn (Elisabeth Shue) to where D.B. Russell"s (Ted Danson) granddaughter Katie is being held. The girl is allowed to call her grandfather to show she is still alive. The head of the laboratory gets very angry: who targets his family, targets him. The kidnappers demand a ransom of two million dollar. In the meantime, Nick Stokes starts drinking because he wants to quit and deputy sheriff Conrad Ecklie is in the hospital. He was shot in the season finale of the last season of the still popular crime show. Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) finds evidence at the crime scene, Russell"s house that can possibly lead them to the kidnappers.

“‘Calmness and wisdom”’

Sara is starting to take Catherine Willows, the former right hand of the boss of the nightshift, place on CSI: a “mother hen” with experience who radiates calmness and wisdom. As of 2011,Jorja Fox is playing the role again on a weekly basis, after a break of a few seasons. “Sara has become more mature and wiser,” admits the 43-year-old actress. “She had to get away for a while, to regain her balance after a few shocking cases. During that time she buried some demons from her past, so she could start over with a clean slate.” Her marriage to Gil Grissom is also something that has been good for Sara: “Because of that she has become a lot more stable. I do have to admit that they haven"t seen each other for a long time. This could mean that there is some tension between Sara and Gil. But what exactly is going on, I don"t know. I"m not on the writers team.”

“‘Season 13”’

About the thirteenth season of CSI, which starts tonight on RTL 4, we can say that Sara and het colleagues will be personally involved with the cases. The son of CSI Warrick Brown, who was murdered four years ago, comes back into the picture, which brings back some painful memories. After the discovery of a mass grave, Finn gets to deal with an unsolved case from het past and het ex-husband. And D.B. Russel will again be having a hard time, when his son Brandon gets accused of murder.




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