CSI Season 13 Review 'Risky Business Class' -- Owner of a Lonely Heart — December 13, 2012

Now that all of my fellow GSR fans have breathed a collective sigh of relief, although it might be a bit premature, I can honestly say that ‘Risky Business Class,’ this week"s episode of CSI, will only ever be memorable as the episode that clearly exposed the rift in Grissom and Sara"s marriage.

There have been signs that the long distance arrangement is wearing on her all season, but it usually takes something big to make us wake up and realize there"s a problem in our lives, and for Sara it took the appearance of Doug Wilson, an NSTB investigator and former fling from San Francisco, who arrived in Vegas to investigate the crash of a small charter plane just off the Strip.

By the way, has CBS tightened the show"s budget? How come we never actually saw the crash site? That kind of threw me a little. It might have even done the episode a disservice, as not seeing the scope of the crash meant that we never formed a visceral attachment to the victims, so it was harder to get into the story of their deaths.

Seeing Doug definitely threw Sara for a loop, but while she ignored a call from Grissom, she never crossed any lines. Even the hug she gave Doug before he left town was less about wanting to connect him with him and more about just wanting to hold someone since she couldn"t hold her husband. He brought up some great memories for her, but Sara is not a cheater, and had things gone any further, I probably wouldn"t be writing these reviews anymore.

It begs the question, though…how is this story going to end? And should we even get our hopes up for a Grissom cameo by the end of the year?





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