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'CSI' Boss: Season 13 Will Pull the Team Apart — September 11, 2012

‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"s’ season finale proved that even though the procedural drama has been on the air for 12 seasons, it"s still got what it takes to surprise viewers. The kidnapping of D.B. Russell"s ("‘Ted Danson"’) granddaughter Kaitlyn ("‘Mia Hayes"’) and the resignation of Nick Stokes ("‘George Eads"’) set such dramatic - and unforeseen - events in motion that the audience will be compelled to tune in for 13th season premiere to get answers.


Will Sara Sidle [Jorja Fox] be more in the forefront this year? Since Fox returned to the series on a fulltime basis last season - after four seasons as a guest star, she hasn"t had a front burner storyline. Part of the reasons is time had to be spent to introduce the new characters of DB Russell and Julie Finlay [Elisabeth Shue]. But that is about to change.

‘Sara will very much be in the forefront in the premiere and she is very much in the forefront in episode 2,’ Mendelsohn says. ‘There will be a murder at the cop diner, where the cops and the CSIs all go to eat. Actually more than one murder. It is going to hit home and hit a friend of hers.’

‘Also in terms of Sara, we may delve into the Sara/Grissom [William Petersen] long-distance relationship. We are always hopeful that Billy may come back.’

[Ed. Note: Petersen was supposed to have made his return to TV this year with a Cinemax series, “Hurt People,” but the latest word is he has pulled out of that, so he may be available.]


‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ premieres its 13th season on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 10/9c on CBS.




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