CSI Files

Interview: Michael FX Daley — April 01, 2013


“‘CSI Files:”’ The season is winding down. What are some of your favorite moments from this season? Anything you would have liked to do, but werent able to?

“‘Daley:”’ I was happy we brought the dog on the team. Im a real dog lover (as is over half the staff) and Sam was great in his episode. SPOILER: You may even see him in mine!

I personally loved what we did with Saras character this year. I know Ill lose some GSRs off my Twitter now, but “‘Jorja Fox”’ is an amazing actress and that was an incredible performance. Its time for Sara to become her own character, and not be defined by an off screen Grissom.

Also, I was glad to see “‘David Berman”’ get to show his comedy chops in “Dead of the Class.” That scene in the autopsy was brilliant, and I give Tom Mularz real props for that. Its been a great year all around. Im really proud of how strong the show is in season 13.

“‘CSI Files:”’ Going into these final episodes, what can viewers expect? How is the finale looking?

“‘Daley:”’ Heres one teaser “ you may see someone we havent seen in years return in the finale (cryptic enough?)





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