‘CSI': What is sad Sara waiting for? — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — February 19, 2013

Why so sad, Sara?

In Wednesdays episode of “CSI” on CBS, Sara (Jorja Fox) will deal with her long-distance marriage with Gil (William Petersen) in an episode titled “Forget Me Not.”

“The implication is that they have been having a sort of beautiful if not stuck romantic, long-distance marriage,” Fox tells EW exclusively. “Hes been on the move, leading his nomadic life. But there comes a time when you cant leave a pivotal story suspended forever. All these characters around her are enjoying flirtations and romances. Sara is too young to sleep alone!”

Does that mean she doesnt want Gil anymore? Fox is predictably coy, though she admits there are still plenty of fans out there who want Petersen, who was last seen on the show via a Skype conversation in 2011, to return. “When I go out in the world, people continue to ask when Grissom is coming back. Its extraordinary,” she tells EW. “You never really know, which is true. We labored so intensely over the Sara and Grissom arc from seasons 3 to 8 and we never really imagined there would be a season 13. And here we are with the opportunity to open a new chapter that we never thought we were going to get. Along with the darkness and violence, somewhere there is love and peace.”

But will that be the case for Sara? See for yourself.





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