Charlie Weber on "Warehouse 13", "Buffy" and Riding Naked on an Elephant — June 11, 2013


Looking at your filmography, you’ve been on a ton of great shows with some amazing actors, Reaper, House, Buffy. Was there an actor you worked with that really surprised you?

I’ve been so lucky that I just walked on set after set with just such welcoming actors, and that’s great because you hear horror stories. But I remember having to do a very emotional scene on CSI, and at the time, CSI was the #1 show, 30 million viewers each week, absurd numbers, you would think that if there was one set there would be big egos, it would be that set. But I had this one emotional scene across from Jorja Fox. She was so gracious and open and warm, it helped me get to where I needed to be. I remember that vividly. They shot me first, she was so patient. I had to excuse myself from the set for a moment, and she was so open to what I needed as an actor. Here I was just a guest spot, and she was a regular on the #1 show on television, and she was focused on making me comfortable.





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