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‘We're number one in the world' — May 15, 2013

How will CSI shake things up to conclude its 13th season? By putting one of their own in jeopardy, thats how.

On tonights finale Elisabeth Harnoiss Morgan Brody will go undercover (as a hooker, no less) and - SPOILER ALERT! - she may find herself in harms way.

In this exclusive Q&A, actress tells me how the episode is laid out, who shed love to have more scenes with next season and a lot more…


TVF: Would you like to see more of a romance part of the show or do you think its better left as like maybe teasing and little elements here and there?

EH: I think theyve already made some bold choices by giving so much character driven material to people like me and my character and Lisa Shues character have all gotten incredible personal storylines as well as Jorja [Fox] and Eric [Szmanda], everybodys been giving it much more of their own life to the show in this season. So I think that, that opens the door.


TVF: Assuming you survive the cliff hanger, who would you like to see Morgan kind of interact with a lot more maybe she hasnt?

EH: I think apparently I would love to work with some of the women more. I understand why but theres only three of us so theres a lot more men on the show. A lot of our chemistry in our personal lives in terms of us becoming friends and just having things in common I think has sort of helped the writers find the directions to go concerning a storylineit doesnt hurt that if Morgan is going to have a crush on Erics character that they actually are good friends and we really like each other. You know what I mean?

But I think that the people that I really would want to work with more than I have thus far are Lisa Shue and Jorja. I had a little bit with Jorja and I had a little bit with Lisa but I would love for us girls to have to band together for a really cool power girl episode. Not a Charlies Angels kind of thing but an episode that requires that it has to be them that come to the forefront. Weve all said that we would love to have that kind of an episode for the three of us because we all really like each other and were all very opinionated strong women.




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