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'CSI' Season 15 News, Spoilers: Will Someone DIE? Sara And Greg Quarantined After Exposure To Deadly Pathogen [VIDEO] — October 12, 2014

No one escapes alive.

At least, that’s what the promo for Sunday’s episode of “’“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation””’ would have us believe. In the preview for ‘Bad Blood’, Sara ("‘Jorja Fox"’) and Greg ("‘Eric Szmanda"’) aren’t looking so hot – and it’s no wonder, as, while investigating a crime scene, they’re exposed to a deadly virus with a crushing fatality rate of 80%.

From the looks of it, the virus hits one of the pair harder than the other. At one point in the promo, we see a pale, sweaty Sara collapse to the floor while Greg looks on helplessly.

Unfortunately, Russell ("‘Ted Danson"’) doesn’t have much time to worry about his friends and co-workers, since the pathogen ended up on planes headed to four different continents. Still, that doesn’t stop a concerned Russell from giving the pair direct orders not to die.

The official synopsis for ‘Bad Blood’ reads:

“Sara and Greg are quarantined after responding to a crime scene that’s contaminated with a deadly pathogen.”





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